Do Not Ignore These 5 Important Checks When Choosing a Side Sleeper Pillow

If you sleep on your side, then you will certainly need a side sleeping pillow. All pillows are not the same. The one for your back or stomach won’t go well with your side position. In fact, it may even be unhealthy for you.

You are sure to find plenty of the best pillows for side sleepers options both online and offline. However do be careful about the side sleeper you select, because like everything else, there are both good pillows and average ones. Don’t be hasty. You want to be sure what you are buying. Here are 5 important checks before deciding.

Is Your Pillow Soft or Sturdy?

Conventional wisdom says that the most comfortable pillows are the softest ones, the ones you can cuddle and relax in bed. But the fact is that, side sleepers need something that is a bit sturdier. In other words, your side sleeper must be firmer, because if it is very soft, then your head will sag into it, and your shoulder won’t get the right support then. On the side, the pillow should be able to hold your head firmly – your head should not sag in the pillow. But of course this doesn’t mean you have to use a stiff pillow. Just ensure that it is soft, but not too much.

What is the Height and Size of Your Pillow?

Don’t use a pillow that is too tall, because if the loft is too much, then it will create a gap between your shoulder and ear and give you neck pain. Make sure that your head is never in an acute angle when you sleep, as this can strain the muscles in your neck. A big sized pillow is always good, so size is usually not a problem, unless it is really small. Also, make sure that the fabric of your pillow’s cover is not so slippery that your head slips in the middle of the night.

Is Your Pillow Adjustable?

In many of the pillows these days, you can adjust the filling inside to make it precisely like you want. In other words, you can either add or take out some of the filling to suit your personal preferences. That’s a great option because this makes you feel the most comfortable. This way, you can easily fill the gap between your shoulder and head.

Is There A Place For Your Arm?

Some side sleeping pillows have a place where you can keep your arm. This is another great addition. Many side sleepers tend to keep their arms below their heads. The problem is, this can cause reduced blood supply to your arm, and even arm paralysis. You can avoid this with an arm rest.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Sure, you want to buy the side sleeper to use it, and you want it to last for a decent time as well. But what if you don’t like it for some reason? Can you return it and get a refund? It is always wise to check for these things before buying. Research well to select the right side sleeping pillow, but make sure that this option is available.

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